Don't let the insurance company give you the runaround.

 1. Diminished Value Is Not Easy to Determine.

Diminished Value is determined by a number of factors including:

Market value of your vehicle before the accident (retail, wholesale, trade-in, replacement).
Amount of damage done to your vehicle.
Quality of the repairs done to your vehicle.
Market value of your vehicle with disclosed damage.

Only by determining all these factors based off of independent, professional appraisal of your vehicle can you make a proper claim for damages.  Once we have this report, we can bring a claim against the insurance company and be ready to go to court if we need to.

2. Insurance Companies Know They Can Push You Around

Diminished value  falls into a category of property damage that insurance companies know they rarely have to pay out on.  The amounts tend to be smaller than most lawyers want to handle, and the actual amount of damage is difficult to determine.  the insurance adjuster knows this.  He or she also knows that after the first (or second) ‘no’, or a very, very low offer, most people will go away and drop the matter.

That is why having a lawyer in this situation is so important.  Most of the time we double or triple the settlement offers that our clients had negotiated prior to contacting us. By using a Maryland Auto Accident Attorney to represent you in a Diminished Value claim, you are letting the other side know that you are not going to accept anything less than what you deserve.

3.You Pay Nothing Unless We Win.

The typical DV report hosts hundreds of dollars to produce, and most DV reports are prepared remotely by people who never actually come out and physically inspect your vehicle.  When we prepare your report we will use a multi-step inspection process that includes an extensive physical inspection of your vehicle.  Only after that will the market analysis be performed, comparing current values for a like kind and quality vehicle in both the retail, wholesale, and private party market.

We also will assess your case for other possibilities.  Was the rental car you given adequate?  Did you miss time from work? Was there any property in the car damaged during the accident?

Our typical report is over 20 pages long.  It includes everything we need to prove the diminished value you are owed.  If, after this, the insurance company refuses to deal with us, we are prepared to go to court and the Appraiser who prepares your report is always available testify as an expert witness on your behalf.

All of this will be done for you at no charge unless we win!

4. The Insurance Company is Not On Your Side

Many people believe that they can negotiate with the at-fault insurance company and get what they deserve.  This may be true, and you certainly do not need an attorney to attempt to negotiate.  However, the claims adjusters are all trained to say ‘no’ to DV claims.  Since most people do not understand the law regarding DV, the insurance companies know they can just deny the claim and move on.

5.  You Need The Best Appraisal Possible to Win the Most Amount of Money.

Your Diminished Value Report will be prepared by an ASE Certified Technician who is also authorized to perform Maryland State Inspections.  This report will help ensure that your vehicle was repaired properly and is now safe to drive.  it takes hours to prepare and includes a physical inspection of your vehicle.  

Being a Licensed Maryland Wholesaler makes our Appraisers experts in the value of a vehicle and the impact on its value due to a damage history. Many times a gorgeous vehicle will only bring 50% of its value at the auction due to previous frame repairs. Would you buy a vehicle that has had a bent frame?  You may be entitled to this loss in value!

All this will be provided to you at no charge,  and our appraiser’s certifications go a long way if we have to call them to testify in court as an expert witness.

6. We are not afraid to go to court.

Sometimes the insurance company will not give us the amount we feel you deserve.  In those cases, our firm is ready and able to go to court on your behalf.  A Diminished Value Report ordered over the internet by an out-of-state company will be harder to support in court.   An out-of-state or internet DV report appraiser will not be able to come to court and testify without significant expense to you.  The Diminished Value Claim Appraisers we use have been recognized as expert witnesses in numerous cases throughout Maryland.    Having such an expert – one who is certified in collision repair and also a licensed wholesaler could be the difference between taking the small amount the insurance company wants to give you and the amount you deserve.  And remember – if we lose, you pay nothing.

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  • There is no charge for an initial consultation – call today.

  • You are obligated by law to disclose that your vehicle has been in an accident…

    what will that do to it’s value?


  • The Average Diminished Value claim is $5000.*

    *each case is unique and results may vary.


  • Having your car repaired is not enough.

  • The insurance company doesn’t want to give you Diminished Value – but you are entitled to it under the law.