You must take certain steps to preserve your rights to your Diminished Value claim.

1. Do not admit fault.

Multiple factors come into play when there is an auto accident.  Never admit fault until an investigation can be conducted.

2. Do not discuss Diminished Value with the claim adjuster.

The insurance company knows they have to pay DV – they just don’t want to.  It is always best to avoid this discussion until you have your report in hand.

3.  Do not sign anything.  

The claims adjuster’s job is to get your claim settled quickly and for the lowest amount possible.  Never sign anything, including an authorization for medical records, until you have talked to your attorney.

4. Contact our Maryland Diminished Value Attorneys 

Call us as soon as possible  to get your free consultation.


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  • There is no charge for an initial consultation – call today.

  • You are obligated by law to disclose that your vehicle has been in an accident…

    what will that do to it’s value?


  • The Average Diminished Value claim is $5000.*

    *each case is unique and results may vary.


  • Having your car repaired is not enough.

  • The insurance company doesn’t want to give you Diminished Value – but you are entitled to it under the law.